Speciality Tours


A once-in-a-lifetime occasion calls for an equally exclusive experience. At Vigo World, we understand how special your first holiday with your spouse should be. Thus, our honeymoon packages come with dollops of pampering and privacy. Leave the planning and preparation to us, and savour every moment with your loved one. Because some occasions are meant to be experienced that way.

Senior Citizen Tours

Ahhh…the luxury of leisure! Life and travel are best experienced at your own pace. And in comfort. Vigo World handpicks properties, destinations and culinary experiences for tours that provide entertainment with ease. Leave your cares behind, and come on board with us. It's time to make new memories – and friends.

Offbeat & Adventure

Free spirits are born to explore the paths less travelled. If adventure is your calling and adrenaline your drug, test your mettle at our offbeat destinations. Sleep under the stars, hear a waterfall, chase butterflies, face your fears. We live only once. Come, let's make it count.

Weekend Getaways

Weekends are the rewards we get after five days of hard work. Whether your agenda is to recharge your batteries, get adventurous, catch up with loved ones, or just chill with friends, we have a weekend plan in place for you. Give yourself a deserving reward this weekend. Contact us NOW!

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