Educational Tours

We hold expertise in organising educational tours for students through Industrial Visits, Field Trips, Adventure Camps & Activities, Special interest tours, and Educational Seminars.

Industrial visits (IV): A part of the college curriculum, IVs are the norm in professional & management courses such as Engineering, Bsc (IT), Biotech, Zoology, Hospitality, Banking, BAF, BBI, BMS, MBA, MMS, BMM, Architecture etc.

Vigo makes sure that students visit companies, workshops, factories, labs and other work areas that are relevant to their curriculum, thereby gaining insight regarding the internal working environment and the functioning of their respected industries. IVs give students an opportunity for hands-on learning through exposure towards the current working methods and employment practices of the industry of their choice.

Field Trips: These are journeys undertaken by the students to a place away from their natural environment, with the purpose of observation for education, non-experimental research, or to provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities, such as going camping with teachers and their classmates.

Adventure: VigoWorld has designed a series of thematic educational camp activities for students to experience learning in a camp's natural outdoor environment.

These activities are meant to let the students challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zones, and are bound to prepare them to push themselves to do better, both socially and academically.

The Adventure activities will:

  • Develop self-confidence, positive attitude, and discipline
  • Help teachers observe and understand their students' development in terms of personal aspirations, psychological behaviours and social skills
  • Allow students to appreciate their environment and natural surroundings
  • Provide opportunities for students to be independent, and exercise self-discipline
  • Develop team spirit and harness leadership skills

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